Best Drum Set Under 1000 I An Unbiased Opinion!

Drums have seen a lot of changes since becoming an iconic percussion instrument between the 19th and 20th centuries. These changes have often been driven by changes in concert venues, culture, popular music, and musical tastes. Drums went from being an instrument played by several different men in military marching bands during the civil war era of America to being an all in one “trap set” played by one man iconic jazz legends through the mid to late 20th century. Furthermore, drums went from using all natural materials like calf skins, which provided perfect base sound quality, but only in perfect temperature conditions, to using synthetic materials that provided consistent sound in all environments.

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Gammon Percussion Complete 5 Piece Full Size Adult Drum Kit

Pearl EXX725/C 5-Piece Export Standard Drum Kit


Complete 5-Piece New Drum Set

Concurrent with all these physical changes were ideological changes. Music played by drummers went from first being marching cadence music, to being swinging dancing music, and then on to being private listening music. People listened to music centered around the drums first at marching parades, or on the battle field, then in concert halls, and then in the privacy of their own homes. However, even though the dominant styles of music changed from one era to another no particular style completely died out.

Now more than ever there are numerous styles of music that people enjoy and equally so numerous ways that people enjoy listening to it. Musical tastes can adequately be described by the saying, “To each their own”. Similarly, to each drummer their own drum set. One of the chief advances in drum sets in the latter part of the 20th century was the increased availability of customizable drum sets. The first thing that goes into a good drum set is somewhat metaphysical: that is, it’s the thoughts of a drummer that knows what they want.

If you are just starting to learn the drums, then you will have vastly different needs than someone that has mastered the drums already. If you want to specialize in low key jazz music, then you may have different needs to someone specializing in thrash metal. The point is that if you want a good drum set, then you must first know what you want that drum set to do. Once you know that the world is yours.

In this article, however, we are just going to cater to median average. Each style of music will require drums tailored to its needs. That being said, there are still some baseline points that should be met for the average musician to express themselves readily. Before we review some of the best drum set under 1000 out right now for less than $1,000 let us take a look at the basics you need to get started.

To have a good drum set you should have five drums. It is possible to start off with less than five drums. Three and four drum packages tend to be popular sellers, but to have a good drum set you should have five. The drums that you will need in your basic setup will be a base drum, a snare drum, two tom-tom drums, and a floor drum. To finish off your basic drum set you should also have at least three types of cymbals. Specifically you will need a hi-hat cymbal, a ride cymbal, and a crash cymbal. There are also some hard-ware considerations that will go hand in hand with the set. To start off it is a good idea to have a snare stand, cymbal stands, pedals, a seat, and drumsticks.

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Gammon Percussion

best drum sets under $1000
This drum set is an incredibly great deal for anyone looking for good drum set at a great price. Not only is this an affordable drum set, but it is also one of the best drum kits available on amazon for under $1,000: selling for around $260 on amazon. This drum set comes with all the basic hard-ware that you need to get started and also includes a seat, stands and drumsticks. Additionally, the drum set is made with real wood and comes double braced.

All in all, this is a very sturdy drum kit and a great place to start your drumming career. One of the down sides to this drum is that many users have said that the sound of the snare in the kit leaves much to be desired. Some users even went as far as to buy whole new snare replacements.

Fortunately, most users praised the quality of the cymbals in the set; however, it would have been nice if the set included a dedicated crash cymbal.


  • Great price
  • Good materials / sturdy
  • Nice cymbals


  • Not so great snare drum
  • No crash cymbal

Pearl EXX725/C 5-Piece Export Standard Set

1000 kit
If you are looking for the best possible drum kit to start off with, then look no further than the Pearl Export Standard Drum Set.

The EXX725/C is considered by many in the drumming world to be the absolute best beginner drum in the world. Pearl is definitely one of the more respected and noticeable brands in the drumming world. As a result of this, it’s quite a bit more expensive than other items that we are reviewing here, but it’s still a great deal as it goes for around $660 on amazon.

This Pearl drum kit is most likely the best drum set you can get from under $1,000. The Pearl Export Standard Drum Set is sold with the five basic drums that you need plus the three basic cymbals that you need packaged together.

All of the construction materials for each part are of the highest quality so you will not have to be concerned with upgrading or replacing parts any in the near future after you purchase it. The sound quality is just as good as what you would expect from a top of the line brand. The sound quality is so good that some drummers have suggested that it can pass for a professional drum kit.

On the down side, this drum kit does not come with a seat or drumsticks. You will have to purchase those two essential items on your own. Fortunately, all three items are available as a bundle when you purchase this drum kit from amazon. Also, in the off chance that you experience any problems with your package, you’ll be happy to know that Pearl has a reputation for outstanding customer service.


  • Top quality sound
  • All the basic drums and cymbals included
  • Great quality material
  • Great brand and customer service


  • Drumsticks and seat not included
  • More expensive than other drum sets
drum sets under $1000
This might not be the first brand name that comes to mind when you think about drums. That being said, even if they aren’t that well know their 5 piece new drum set available on amazon is an exceptional deal. Easily this is one of the highest rated, if not one of the best, drum sets out right now on amazon.

This kit comes packaged with all the five basic drums you’ll need and two cymbals (crash and hi-hats). It also comes with stands, pedals (for cymbals and base), seat, and drumsticks. Once you purchase this drum kit, you will basically be ready to start drumming.

Another advantage to this drum set is the quality construction material and polished look. The construction material is solid as well and so should last you quite some time.

All of this is being sold on amazon right now for the amazing price. This is the best cheap drum set that you can get on amazon at the moment.

The main downsides to this set relate to the cymbals. First, the set does not include a dedicated ride cymbal and so you will have to buy that separately. Also the sound from the cymbals that come with the set is not quite as good as the sound from the drums. If you are buying these drums just for personal use, then that might not be a problem for you; however, if you are getting this to play in a band, then you should keep this flaw in mind before you buy.

Pros of this set:

  • Cheapest good drum set
  • Great drum tonal quality
  • Sturdy
  • Bullet Point 2

Cons of this kit:

  • Not so great cymbals


Purchasing a new drum can be a daunting experience, especially if you are new to drumming. It can be even harder to find a great drum kit that can fit into your holiday budget. However, there are great drums available if you are willing to look. We would highly recommend the Pearl EXX725/C Export Standard Drum Set.

Although it’s a bit pricier than some of the other items we reviewed, it’s still far cheaper than you would expect for such great quality. The Pearl can also serve the widest variety of drum users, from beginner to advanced, in equal measure and so will give you some room to explore as a new drummer. In the long run, it may be the cheapest drum set on our list as you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Gammon Percussion Complete 5 Piece Full Size Adult Drum Set
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  • Quality
  • Sound