Best Drum Set for Kids Compared

Electronic drums make an excellent gift for musically inclined children, especially if you live a dense urban environment. These drums, as their name may imply, appear to be stripped down variations of regular drums that plug into an electronic outlet.

These are the best drum sets for kids because they mainly use a variety of synthetic materials formed into pads for the drums and cymbals. Speakers and headphones are used to output sound created from beating their pads. With advances in technology over the last few decades, electronic drums have come to sound closer and closer to live acoustic sets and in some cases have even managed to produce even better sound than their acoustic counter parts. Essentially, electronic drums are extremely customizable drum sets with an off switch.

Best Drum Sets for Kids

One of the best things about electronic drums is that they can use headphones for output. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the noise levels produced by overly enthusiastic kids. You will hear some sound from the drums even when headphones are being used, but it will be in the form of muffled thuds as a opposed to resounding acoustic noise.

Another huge benefit of electronic drums is that they come with volume controls. In the case that your child wants to demonstrate what they can do, but you don’t want to disturb the neighbors, you can always turn the volume down.

Also, as electronic drums tend to be smaller than acoustics they take up less space and are far easier to move if you need to. On a whole there really aren’t any draw backs to electronic drum sets for kids.

The only real exception would be in the case that you, or your child, just aesthetically prefer acoustic instruments. If that isn’t a problem then these drum kits will make a great gift for your child this holiday season or at any other time.

In the next few lines we are going to review some of our top picks for junior drum sets:

The DM7X is one of the most sort after electronic drum sets for kids on amazon. Standing on the shoulders of the DM6 X, the next in the Alesis series delivers even more than its number one selling predecessor. This electronic drum kit comes with three cymbals, three tom-tom drums, one snare drum, one kick drum, and pedals and sells for quite a good price on amazon (plus free shipping).

One huge advantage to this product is that this electronic drum set is super easy to setup and use. It will take quite a bit of time to set it up, but the process is relatively straight forward. The sound quality it produces is absolutely superb. Furthermore, the equipment is highly responsive to drummer.

Finally the frame of this electronic drum kit for kids is very sturdy and so it should withstand most punishment that they may dish out.

Unfortunately this Alesis DM7X does not come packaged with a sticks and a stool. Another issue with the Alesis is related to the hi-hat. Some users have reported response glitches when striking the hi-hat or using the hi-hat pedal. Thankfully, these glitches are few and far between, but it is important that you know this beforehand.


  • Simple setup
  • Great Quality Sound
  • Simple setup


  • Hi-hat glitches
  • No seat or drumsticks

This is the one I Purchased for my kids

The DTX400 by Yamaha is an amazing entry level electronic drum set. Although it’s not specifically geared towards children, it can still make a great children’s gift. If you do decide to get this for a child, then keep in mind that it is definitely geared more towards children with serious musical ambition. That being said, most people who buy the DTX 400 buy it for their children.

The sound quality produced by this drum set is top line and it comes with headphones of exceptional quality. It also comes with a “voice-guidance system” which acts as a sort of electronic drum teacher. There are also quite few different preset songs to help your child to learn by example. Packaged with the drum set are drumstick, headphones and a seat, which means that you want have to shop around for any other add-ons after you have made your purchase.

At this price, the Yamaha DTX 400K is a wonderful product.

The only really drawback is the quality of the stool. Some people find it uncomfortable and it has a tendency to develop a wobble over-time. However, you can just as easily use any other stool you have around the home. Or if you want you could purchase a good drumming stool on amazon instead.


  • Package deal
  • Great Quality Sound
  • Great headphones
  • Electronic learning aides for beginners and children


  • No so great stool

This is a good starter electronic drum set that you can get for your kids. It’s not quite as good as some of the other electronic drum sets that we have reviewed, but it is still suite good. It comes with all the standard instruments that you need to play the drums and also includes headphones (ear buds) and drumsticks. Sadly it’s the most expensive electronic drum here, but if for some reason you are let down by the other two, this one surely won’t disappoint.

Some advantages for this kit include the setup, which is really flexible and can accommodate a wide variety of users. It also looks very nice and will fit right in as a display piece in your home. Finally, unlike with the DX7 there are almost no reports of glitches with this kit. In fact most users say that it lasts quite a long time before showing signs of wearing.

Pros of this set

  • Dynamic setup
  • Great Quality Sound
  • Simple setup
  • Dependable
  • Durable

Cons of this set

  • A bit more expensive than some competitors
  • Nothing that really stands out


Electronic drum sets are a beautiful modern synthesis between the worlds of music and technology. More importantly, they give you as a modern parent or guardian the opportunity to let your kids learn a traditionally loud musical instrument in our increasingly densely urbanized environments. 

Furthermore the entry level price range and overall product quality makes electronic drums a wonderful gift for this season.

Yamaha DTX400K
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Sound