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Alesis DM6 Review I USB Electronic Drum Set l One Awesome Kit!

Electronic drums are an excellent way to get into drumming as a hobby or to learn to play for professional purposes. Alesis is an electronic drum manufacturer that has been in the business for over 30 years, starting out in 1980, and has since gone on to win multiple awards for innovative technologies and designs. The company is founded on the belief that you need to offer your customers more than just a product or service; the good folks at Alesis believe you need to offer customers an experience they won’t soon forget.

As makers of electronic drum kits, you can bet that you are getting much more than some rubber and aluminum when you invest in one of their products. Electronic drum kits vary in size and delivery, but Alesis offers a full range of products, including the Alesis DM6 USB Kit, which is a complete drum set in electronic form. Let’s look closer at this model so you can decide if this is the electronic drum kit you are going to call your own.

Product Features of Alesis DM6 USB Electronic Drum Set

When you purchase the Alesis DM6 USB Kit, you are getting a full range of drumming options including a sturdy aluminum frame with 2 posts to house the drums that are included in the kit. There is an electronic drum module that is the control center of the entire drum kit, and it can take your drumming to whole new levels because of the multi-function capabilities, playback and recording options. There is a USB-MIDI output for hooking the drum kit up to your computer (Mac/PC), and an option to use headphones to cancel out the noise so you can practice while others around you go undisturbed.

The entire set is black in color and is modern looking and sleek. It allows for a good range of motion when playing as all of the drums are within proper proximity to each other. It’s comfortable to play and provides hours of entertainment and learning opportunities for those who decide to invest in one of these electronic drum kits.

alesis dm6 review

Product Specifications

When you get the product home, you’ll get the following items in the kit:

  • DM6 sound module, which controls the entire drum kit
  • Kick Pad with stand to represent the bass drum
  • Single kick pedal
  • Hi-Hat pedal for the cymbal
  • 8" Dual-Zone Pad
  • 8" Single-Zone Pads
  • 12" Cymbals including a hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal
  • ProRack complete with mounting hardware for sturdy playing and comfort
  • DM6 Kit cable snake to hook up the module to devices
  • Drum key to adjust tensions of the drums
  • Drumsticks for rocking out!
  • Assembly instructions/quick start guide so you can start playing right away!

Basically, the Alesis DM6 review Kit comes with everything you need to get started on your rock and roll adventure, except it doesn’t come with headphones for quiet practicing and it doesn’t come with a chair, or “drummer’s throne,” as it’s known in the industry. It really would be a complete package if it had a chair, but nobody’s perfect.

The DM6 Module, which is known as the “brain” of the whole operation, comes complete with the following specifications:

  • 40 preset practice patterns
  • 108 drum, cymbal and percussion sounds
  • 15 drum sets that are programmable
  • Connectivity capability to smart device or CD player or computer

The Alesis DM6 USB Kit, when fully assembled, is 22.4 x 33.8 x 13 inches in dimension and weighs about 48 pounds overall.

Pros Of DM6

There are many pros to investing in an electronic drum kit like the Alesis DM6 USB Kit including:

  • Multiple drums and cymbals for fuller sound and playing options
  • Ability to connect to devices and computers for more playing and recording options
  • Innovative module to control settings and use pre-programmed options
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Made of high-quality materials including rubber and aluminium
  • Perfect for drummers at any stage of learning or skill

Cons of DM6

While the Alesis DM6 USB Kit is a great kit overall, there are a few things that could be improved:

  • It doesn't come with a chair
  • It sounds a bit too "electric"
  • The rubber pads may wear overtime

Should You Buy It Based on our review alesis dm6?

With a brand like Alesis backing this electronic drum kit, you know you are getting good quality and value for your money. If you are short on space and aren’t adamant about real wooden drums, then the sound and performance you will get from the electronic drum kit will do just fine. If you are into mixing and recording, electronic is the way to go. You have tons of options for using online software programs that can change your drumming for the better, and if you just want to learn to play the drums on a drum set that is not intimidating, this is the electronic drum set for you. Not convinced, well check out more reviews of the Alesis DM6.


You have plenty of choices when it comes to investing in a drum set that will stand the test of time and continue to provide hours of enjoyment and learning opportunities; when you invest in a product like the Alesis DM6 USB Kit, you are getting a great quality product backed by a highly-regarded company that put electronic drum kits on the map. Changing the game at every turn, these guys have done it up right with this complete electronic drum kit. If you're still on the fence if you should buy it or not then click here and check out our other reviews on electronic drums.

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